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Football Teasers - The best football quiz app for all supporters on IOS and Android!

The Football Teasers app is back on IOS and Android and has been totally redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up!

The Football Teasers app is aimed at die hard football supporters who love a bit of football trivia whether in the pub, in work or on their way to the match at the weekend!

The new app is packed is with the following:

  • A massive collection of over 1400 brain challenging football teasers!
  • Recent Teasers - All new questions easily accessible from the last thirty days.
  • Daily Teaser - A new question every day.
  • Categories - Not like answering questions about your local rivals? Easily turn those questions off in the category section.
  • Beat the Clock - 10 questions in rapid succession to really test your football knowledge under pressure. Are you a brilliant Lionel Messi or a tragic Ali Dia?
  • Bookmarks - Bookmark a question you like for tonight's trip to the pub.

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Today's Teaser

   Player A played for team C between 1992 and 1995 and for team D between 1996 and 2000. Player B played for team C between 1997 and 2000. Player A played for team D in the year 2002. Teams C and D are Premier League teams. Players A and B are both retired internationals with 40 caps between them. Identify players A and B, and teams C and D.

 Last Updated: 01 Jul 2016

 Categories: Miscellaneous

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